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Computer Servers For Home & Office

Maintenance Solution (Backups, System Updates)

  • We do all Maintenance and daily tasks before you come in
  • Does not interfere with the business operations
  • Allows your staff to do what they do best

Let us control Social Media on your network

  • Social networking is a valuable tool but can cause many unforeseen issues
  • Communications are increasingly costly and slow, manage your bandwidth wisely
  • Being on the leading edge of technology can be problematic
  • Proven, reliable technology solutions should be small businesses mantra

We Sell and Service Most Brands

Dell Reseller Fully Stocked

Small To Medium Business Specialist

Technical Support 24/7

Help with Shaw, TELUS & Database Vendors


These are dangerous times for your Networked Computers

We keep you safe from Malware, Viruses, and Ransomware!

Follow these simple 5 pointers and keep your workplace, home

computer, and all other devices safe for hackers and viruses.

Keep Security Updates and Backups Current

Be Aware Of Dangerous Employees Practices

Don't Share Passwords and Usernames

Always Assure Servers Are Properly Protected

Use Strong Passwords and Usernames


Preventing Data Loss

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